"I am free"

Today, Mark can confidently make that claim. He leads a fulfilling life that works for him and his interests. His life isn’t free of conventions but free of the destructive ones.

As an expert on organisational design and leadership, many of his publications help you navigate through the thicket of leadership advice. But it doesn’t stop there. Mark has a tendency to take an unconventional stance on many areas of work and life. If you follow him closely you might learn about the benefit of him jumping in freezing cold plunge pools, avoiding financial dependency or drinking coffee accompanied by coconut oil and butter.

Where Simon Sinek gets it wrong with company values

Don’t follow names, follow logic. Simon Sinek is one of the most popular management and leadership thinkers. But when he talks about company values he makes three majorly flawed assumptions. This episode dissects his line of reasoning regarding company values using a talk he gave and published on YouTube. Video by Simon Sinek “How should… Read more »

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Don’t ever try changing your Corporate Culture like this

If you want to change your corporate culture or core values for the better you are likely to cause more harm than good. Although common wisdom and mainstream management advice suggests that an organizational culture is an object at our disposal, our daily experience should teach us what solid social science has known for decades:… Read more »

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Overcommunicating & work related mental health issues

When employees seem unaligned, mainstream management advice calls for over-communication. However, most often disalignment is an optical illusion. My points to a better place to start looking for solutions. Story #2 of this episode addresses mental health at work and makes a case for less intervention and explains why encroaching on employee’s privacy can have… Read more »

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