It's up to us to change things

Thanks for making it to my site. Most people are deluded by the idea that the world is to be blamed when things don’t work their way. You aren’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t have found your way to this page. I won’t equip you with the 7 steps to guaranteed fortune and wellbeing. That would be replacing one bad convention by an even worse one.

But if you manage to identify the patterns that you are following subconsciously, then you can very quickly and quite easily make some profound changes. And these might impact your life in an excitingly unexpected way. Never mind your profession or background, we all cary a bag full of conventions with us, many of which constrain our lives unnecessarily.

Let me inspire you.

Whether it’s your job, your parenting, your sport life … never mind, make it your own responsibility to change your life.

Sign up for a journey to a freer life. Over the course of the next two months I will send you one powerful video every week. I will tell you about my journey – about challenges and obstacles but also about moments of joy and deep contentment. In addition, I will propose a little challenge to you each week. And trust me, I am the last guy asking you to write down your five strengths and weaknesses or similar superficialities.

I want to free people from convention-captivity. I believe this can help not just every individual but our world as a whole. Want to join me?