Mark Poppenborg

Challenging Assumptions in Work & Life

About Mark

Mark Poppenborg is an entrepreneur and speaker from Germany. He is the founder and director of – the leading Think Tank and largest German speaking network for the future of work and modern leadership.

After graduating in Management and Industrial Engineering, Mark initially explored the field of Lean Production before deepening his interest in organisational design and leadership. Since 2010 he researches and accompanies pioneering firms that apply radically new leadership practices. He provides his profound insights combined with an innovative and consistent organisational theory by hosting events, giving inspiring talks, advising companies and conducting management trainings.

Mark also founded the Future Leadership eAcademy (in 2015), an e-Learning platform for modern leadership, as well as an eCommerce called Paleo Jerky (in 2014) that has become the market leader for healthy dried meat snacks in Germany.

His pragmatic approach has earned him a name as a doer as much as he is an example for an inspiring thought leader.