Public Speaking

Many businesses approach Mark complaining about their robotic staff who can’t think outside the box. Mark’s usual response goes like this:

“You’ve created that box and your belief is the very obstacle for your success.”

Disengaged employees that are lacking motivation are a product of the very environment they were given. No human being is naturally unmotivated. This notion only exists in our imagination. Most organisations expose their employees to rigid scripts, rules and standards forcing them into compliance. Asking them to then take initiative is naive to say the least.

In his talks, Mark deconstructs common myths, challenges beliefs about leadership and inspires your listeners to follow some clever ideas that will lead to more economical success and employee satisfaction.

His personal stories as a business owner, his interactive presentation style and his in-depth understanding of the nature of work will capture your audience’s attention. Some of his provocative assertions will leave them speechless too. But then again, new solutions don’t emerge from conventional thinking.

Inviting Mark to speak at your event will leave your listeners with a lasting impression. He is neither a stage clown nor a dry academic. Neither a revolutionary nor a missionary. But he will give you plenty of food for thought.

Get in touch with Mark if you are looking for an inspirational trigger to challenge your assumptions about how you organise your work.

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