Author: Juliane Pabst

Don’t ever try changing your Corporate Culture like this

If you want to change your corporate culture or core values for the better you are likely to cause more harm than good. Although common wisdom and mainstream management advice suggests that an organizational culture is an object at our disposal, our daily experience should teach us what solid social science has known for decades:… Read more »

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Overcommunicating & work related mental health issues

When employees seem unaligned, mainstream management advice calls for over-communication. However, most often disalignment is an optical illusion. My points to a better place to start looking for solutions. Story #2 of this episode addresses mental health at work and makes a case for less intervention and explains why encroaching on employee’s privacy can have… Read more »

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Diseconomies of scale & toxic bosses

Why are bosses toxic in the first place? What makes them bad? And how can we change it? In this episode Mark proposes an unconventional but effective perspective. He also looks at the connection between their behaviour and bureaucracy at work. Article by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini from story #1: Article by Shawn… Read more »

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