Our ancestors didn’t know diets

Everything on this plant lives in harmony with the rules of nature. Except of us humans. We are the only living creature that is systematically violating those rules. We are the only specimen that manipulates other animals and habitats to our favour.

Now before I lose myself in a call to revolutionise the world, lets have a look how this insight can benefit you very practically as of tomorrow.

How to start

Face the facts. You have absolutely nothing to lose. You can get your old life and eating habits back again if you don’t like my proposal. Just try it once and make your own judgement.

  1. The first most important step is to ignore your thoughts for one day. Your mind is most certainly producing an entire cacophony of reasons telling you not to give this a go. Some of the voices you are hearing probably resonate with you instantly and make you disagree with approach scientifically or philosophically. Don’t listen to them. Rather listen to your intuition. If you can hear an inner voice telling you that 2 million years of evolution can’t be wrong, that we have been able to live healthy and long lives (counter to our common misconception our ancestors lived into old age if they didn’t injure themselves) until we became farmers and that millions of people today are benefiting from adapting an ancestral approach to health then give that voice a chance just for one day. And tomorrow you consider it a possibility for the day after. And so on. Until 30 days have passed. That is all you need to do.
  2. Visit Paleo Leap and use their meal planner to get going. It’s one of my favourite resources on the web.
  3. Ask me if you have any questions.

Where am I?

Did you stumbled upon this page accidentally? It’s part of an eight week series about the way I challenge conventions and how this enabled me to live an unconstrained and free life. Find out more here.