Don’t think it, live it.

We all have big dreams. Not all of them are easily achievable. Some might even seem out of reach. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that we lose ourselves in a convention that doesn’t even come across as one. Compulsive thinking. We think dreams through until nothing is left of them.

We come up with a million and more reasons why our dreams are too grande, too unrealistic or not compatible with our personality. It’s not the dream that is the problem, it’s our thinking about the dream that is.

The overthinking stops us from even starting to work towards the dream. Instead we get discouraged and look for the next one. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let your dreams burst

Some dreams turn out to be ludicrous concepts once we test or experience their true reality. Then they burst. Rightly so. Consequently, what I talk about in the video is not only an aspirational strategy but also a tactic to protect yourself from pondering for years only to find out that your dreams are nightmares when they become reality.

Most dreams frustrate us because they are an uncomfortable demonstration of our inability to seriously pursue them. Instead of acting as fuel they often act as a drag or burden that we carry.

The best way to escape this trap is to test your dreams under near-live conditions.

Where am I?

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